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[Sticky] Rules  

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  1. Use of any Abusive/ Vulgar/ Insulting words against any fellow server member is strictly prohibited and discouraged
  2. Use of any ill-suited/ unseemly nickname is strictly not allowed in the server
  3. Making any sort of defamatory comments or statements against the server is strictly forbidden! We believe in criticism and not defamation so, do not indulge in any such activity
  4. Showcasing Obnoxious/ Aggressive behaviour against any fellow member of the server is to be avoided at its best
  5. Any sort of trade business is not permitted in the server!
  6. Do not indulge in activities of Groupies/ Inequality/ Nepotism against any fellow members of the server!
  7. Try including everyone in your conversations.
  8. Do not exploit any loopholes that you manage to discover in the server (Report them)
Posted : 19/07/2020 6:11 am
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