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Survival Reset | Season 7 Released!
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Survival Season #7
Hello everyone Our brand new survival season #7 is now live! Join now at play.skullnetwork.net!


・Safari nets.
・Voter rank.
・Custom Items.
・Free Ranks.

Vote Rewards:

- Each vote gives gives 50 claim blocks and a vote key
- Voting on all sites gives you 2 sn tokens which you can exchange for op items
- Voting on 2 sites gives you voter rank for 24h (which gives you access to /tpa /tpahere)

🎮 Crossplay Support:

We have added new bedrock support with which you can now join our server from pocket edition as well as from a play station or Xbox or windows 10 editon...
update SkyBlock Release | season #1 |HYPE HYPE |
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Skyblock Season #1

Hello, Our brand new skyblock season #1 is now live! Join now at play.skullnetwork.net!
Some of the features our skyBlock offers:
A beautiful resource world with ore generators and custom bosses.
A transfer shop with special items that can be bought with Mobcoins.
25 player-levels with awesome items to activate boosts.
100+ island missions for the greatest challenges.
Weekly prizes for the best overall killer.
Awesome Minions with great features.
Envoy event every 4h.
And so much more! Hope to see you there.
update Major update | 3 new minigames | New Lobby
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Hello guys in this update we have a **brand new lobby** and **3 new minigames.**

New game modes are:

1. Village Defence

How To Play:
Save the villagers and become their hero, your task is to survive through all waves and kill as many monsters as possible keeping the villagers safe.


update New Gamemode | AmongUs Minigame

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What Is Among Us:

The Among Us mode in Minecraft features the same set of rules as the original game, where players are divided into two teams of imposters and crewmates upon joining a lobby.

How To Play

To play you need to join the server play.skullnetwork.net, after login, you can find an NPC with the name among us, right-click it and it will redirect you to the among us lobby.

Supported Versions:

1.8.x - 1.16.x

  • Visual tasks
  • Dead bodies...
update Vanilla Season 1 is finally released!
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Vanilla Season 1 is finally released!

Unlike Semi vanilla , vanilla survival is the primary game mode in Minecraft where players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the world to survive, thrive, and “complete the game”.


New Ranks
Vote rewards
No teleportation
No keep inventory
No custom enchants
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skullnetwork | Minigames , Survival , Skyblock

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