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update Vanilla Season 1 is finally released!
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Vanilla Season 1 is finally released!

Unlike Semi vanilla , vanilla survival is the primary game mode in Minecraft where players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the world to survive, thrive, and “complete the game”.


New Ranks
Vote rewards
No teleportation
No keep inventory
No custom enchants
update 『SN Survival S6 』Released
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Survival Season 6 Released!

➤ Hello there! Skullnetwork survival S6 is live! Some of the unique features of S6 are listed below.

New Ranks
Playtime rewards
custom enchants
Parkour rewards
update New Gamemode | OneBlock Beta Released!
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Oneblock Skyblock Released!!


OneBlock is our new gamemode in which you stand on a lonely block floating in the void. You can break the same block over and over, and it gives you basic materials that slowly become better and better. You go through certain phases, and the infinite block slowly upgrades to better blocks, chests and new mobs!

To create your OneBlock Island use
/ob in the Oneblock Server .

We hope to see you soon at: play.skullnetwork.net

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Helpful How to get "forums" role on discord

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Follow these steps to get the forums role on discord
1. Register to the forums from your email or discord


If you choose to register via discord , then you will automatically get the forums role, If not then keep reading.

2. Navigate to
account details and head over to "connected accounts"

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MUST READ Reporting Rule Breakers

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Reporting Rule Breakers


This thread is made for players to combine all the report related guides. Once you have finished reading this thread, simply click the upwards arrow on the bottom right of the page to go back up here!

Hopefully, after reading this thread, you will become more familiar with reporting the offending players and you will help us to catch them faster.

Report on Forums

Reporting players that are ruining the fun of the game by Swearing, Hacking, etc... is the best way to make the network a better place for you or other players. For now, we don't have enough staff to monitor all the server with over 1000 players. Our staff members will review your report as soon as they can and accept your report if it met all the requirements when you reported another player or deny your report if it...​
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